We are a leveling guild on the US Realm of Galakrond.  Our primary objective is help each other reach our goals, and to have a ton of fun doing it.

CrazyCake/Companionqub/Backhandslap - GM
Karii/Miss/Karya - Officer
Miclitigator - Officer
Elaenei/Elyania - Officer

Ventrilo information:
Host: zinc.typefrag.com
Port: 52589
Password: See Guild Information window in-game for password.

Everyone (except Initiate rank) has access to the guild bank.  Please be cool and use it appropriately.

Elite Member and higher ranks have guild invite rights.  Please only invite people whom you believe to be upstanding "WoW citizens".  :)

None of us wants trouble or drama, so it is on all of us to do our best to make sure those things don't  happen.

Most importantly: have fun, help each other,  and enjoy the game!